Online deals and experiences

"With Bownty, you can have more experiences and less routines. From our headquarters in Copenhagen, we collect the best deals and offers in more than 1000 cities in Europe, so you can make the most of your city for the most attractive price."


Sustainable fashion & home/living

"Our core mission is to show that ethics and aesthetics can go hand in hand. In today’s world there is no other responsible way forward. If Aiayu can prove that globally, this will be a huge step for responsible fashion"
Marie H. Worsaae, Sales and Marketing director, Aiayu


Digitalization of buildings

"Eseebase has been implemented in more than 70,000 homes. Everywhere it has been installed, it has shown to pay off and given significant savings"


Connected banking for teams

"Hufsy will help us gather all our financials in one place. This will provide us a quicker and more precise tool to have insight in our business and automate our cross-platform work that's cost and time heavy"
Kasper, CEO Founders House

Nord Investments

Robo-advisor for wealth management

"Entrepreneurs take on out-dated wealth management industry"
Børsen, July 15th, 2016.


E-shop for snowboard, skiing og winter.

The guys from Black Snow are super cool, and they always tell a story from the Alps, when you go to the store and collect your items.
Jens, customer.

Rokoko Electronics

Motion Capture & Virtual Reality

"The technical aspects are unique and innovative - and a good example of what the creative industry can accomplish"
Jury comment, Rokoko winning Creative Business Cup 2013.

Butchers & Bicycles

Cargo Bikes

This unique tilt-action trike provides stability while allowing the rider more freedom to ride comfortably on hills and around corners.

Rebelle (DE)

Pre-loved high end fashion

Rebelle combines the best features of Ebay and Net-a-Porter.


Icon Search engine and design community

"A simple and powerful way of searching for icons, fulfilling the specific needs of designers and web developers."
Jury comment, IconFinder winning Software-category at Venture Cup 2011.