NEV I - Tech

  • Blacksnow

    June 2015

    E-shop for snowboard, skiing og winter.

    The guys from Black Snow are super cool, and they always tell a story from the Alps, when you go to the store and collect your items.
    Jens, customer.

  • Brain+

    October 2014

    App for Brain Training

    The app has been chosen as most promising app in 125 countries worldwide. (...) The Brain+ app is the result of a close collaboration between business, game developers, psychologists, and neurologists from Copenhagen University.
    Brain+ winning Accelerace Investor Day 2015, Børsen.

  • Hufsy

    December 2015

    Hufsy enables small businesses to do their day-to-day banking and financials in a simple and understandable way.

    "Hufsy will help us gather all our financials in one place. This will provide us a quicker and more precise tool to have insight in our business and automate our cross-platform work that's cost and time heavy"
    Kasper, CEO Founders House

  • Iconfinder

    March 2014

    Icon Search engine and design community

    "A simple and powerful way of searching for icons, fulfilling the specific needs of designers and web developers."
    Jury comment, IconFinder winning Software-category at Venture Cup 2011.

  • Nord Investments

    September 2016

    Robo-advisor for wealth management

    "Entrepreneurs take on out-dated wealth management industry"
    Børsen, July 15th, 2016.

  • Rokoko

    April 2015

    Motion Capture & Virtual Reality

    "The technical aspects are unique and innovative - and a good example of what the creative industry can accomplish"
    Jury comment, Rokoko winning Creative Business Cup 2013.

  • Rebelle (DE)

    March 2015

    Pre-loved high end fashion

    Rebelle combines the best features of Ebay and Net-a-Porter.

  • Rushfiles

    June 2014

    Cloud storage

    RushFiles provides a cloud-based file sharing service (...) it allows users to maintain control over where in the world the data is located and on what servers. This is especially important for countries with regulations and laws regarding data sovereignty.
    Article, TheWhir.

  • Eseebase

    December 2016

    Digitalization of buildings

    Eseebase is a digital system which collects all building data in one and the same database. This makes it faster, easier and cost-efficient to perform operations and maintenance of buildings. The system ensures direct, digital communication with intelligent 3D models and gives a unique overview along with significant savings in both time and money.

  • Bownty

    May 2017

    Online deals and experiences

    North-East Venture recently acquired Bownty, Europe’s largest aggregator of deals and experiences. The company was founded in 2011 and today has more than 3 million members across 9 countries. Following the acquisition, North-East Venture brought back co-founder Steffen W. Frølund as CEO of Bownty. Steffen left Bownty a year ago to become Managing Director at Rainmaking Studio but is now back to realize the company’s full potential, which we believe to be very significant.

NEV II - Consumer brands

  • Butchers & Bicycles

    March 2015

    Cargo Bikes

    This unique tilt-action trike provides stability while allowing the rider more freedom to ride comfortably on hills and around corners.
    Review, SplendidCycles.com.


    December 2016

    Sustainable fashion & home/living

    The Danish brand Aiayu has proved how quality, style and sustainability can coexist. The brand works with only two segments, producing a women wear and a home collection. Incorporating a human story into fashion-making are one of the core values for Aiayu while proving, that a 100% responsible social mission is the only way forward in today’s sustainable design industry.

Fund of funds

  • Glynn Capital

    North-East Venture is investing in venture, in association with Glynn Capital. (US)


  • Spur Capital

    North-East Venture is investing in venture, in association with Spur Capital. (US)